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Below is a list of items that we currently have on offer. All parts listed are Original Honda Parts. Contact us on stock availability. Check out our blog to check out our previous offers. Prices listed are subject to change.

Part Description Model  Price (RM)
5W30 4 litre SN grade All Car Models 90
0W20 4 litres SN grade All Car Models 110
0W30 4 litres SN grade All Car Models 165
ATF - DW1 ULTRA  All Car Models 175
ATF - Z1 ULTRA Older Honda Models 180
Oil Filter All Car Models 27
Coolant Type 2 Long Life All Car Models 26
Engine Cleaner All Car Models 28
Engine Oil Treament All Car Models 48
HCF-2 3.5 litres City 2014 108
ATF - DW1 1 litre  Most Car Models 26

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